Ever feel overwhelmed by the conflicting nutritional messages out there? Real food can be nourishing on every level, giving you energy, nutrients, enjoyment, improving performance and cultivating a sense of connection with nature and others. Using your personal preferences, history, health needs, culture, and values, Chandrika can help you create a health enhancing, realistic nutritional approach based on current scientific evidence, rather than celebrity, anecdotes or opinions.

We understand that weight loss or gain may be your goal, and we respect your values, however we take a non-diet culture, body acceptance, non-shaming, compassionate approach which means we work with you to focus on modifiable behaviours around food, rather than extreme or restrictive diets which evidence shows are unsustainable. Weight cycling or yo-yoing up and down has been proven to create inflammation and lead to worse health outcomes than maintaining a higher weight and making healthy choices.  We believe all bodies are good and worthy of being nourished well.

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