There is no need to struggle alone when help is available. Counselling can help you work through issues, emotions, relationship conflicts, and support you to navigate your way to living the life you want, based on your values. Sometimes life throws us challenges we really need to share. In counselling sessions, your counsellor will work collaboratively with you to help you through the hard stuff, and shift your mindset to rediscover what makes your heart sing.  You can use these sessions to explore techniques such as mindfulness, observe your thinking patterns and common reactions, find new ways to relate to loved ones, and get to know yourself and your innate wisdom.

We have two counsellors available: 

Satyam Brown (he/him) is an experienced social worker with many years supporting people as a cancer and palliative care counsellor, along with past roles supporting people with disabilities, youth at risk, and families. Satyam can walk beside you wherever life takes you. Along with two decades of meditation and yoga, Satyam is trained in Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy and other behavioural therapies, holds a Bachelor of Social Work, Masters in Counselling, and is an educator for Edith Cowan University’s Masters in Counselling program.

Chandrika Gibson (she/her) is a Holistic Counsellor with a background including yoga therapy, mindfulness, natural medicine and psychosocial research. Chandrika has over 15 years experience supporting people with cancer and other chronic illnesses including hormonal imbalances. She has a special interest in body image and mid-life women’s empowerment. Chandrika holds Advanced Diplomas in Applied Science, Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Counselling, a Masters in Wellness which includes Wellness Coaching, and is completing a PhD. 


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