Your Complete Wellness Centre

Welcome to Surya Health, your complete wellness centre where you can relax and enjoy yoga classes, find peace through yoga therapy and counselling, talk to a cancer coach, or shift your wellness strategy with therapeutic nutrition and the art and science of naturopathy.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or other chronic diseases, we are qualified, experienced, and here to help you through the challenges you face.

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Surya means sun in Sanskrit, and we chose this name for its feeling of warmth and light. The property where you’ll find our beautiful private studio and clinic, is completely off the grid – powered by the sun, fed by rainwater, and designed to enhance your feelings of harmony and contentment.

Feeling stressed, fatigued, or out of balance in some way? There’s no need to wait until you have cancer to come and see us! If you’re pro-active about preventive health you can engage in the wellness activities we offer, or seek to enhance your wellbeing through naturopathy, yoga therapy or wellness coaching. Your wellness needs can be met in a collaborative, therapeutic relationship. We can guide you through personalised meditation and stress management techniques, individualised yoga therapy, or small group yoga classes to suit you, and work with you to find your preferred wellness lifestyle.

Education is a significant part of the wellness journey for many people, and we are always happy to share our knowledge through workshops, training courses and seminars. Both Satyam and Chandrika hold Masters degrees in their specialised fields and are experienced facilitators. Let them summarise the latest information and share your love of learning through flexible learning pathways.