Integrative Oncology

Using the best of proven conventional medical screening and treatments, alongside well researched natural, complementary and integrative therapies, can help you make the best of your cancer experience. There’s no guarantees unfortunately, but there is growing evidence that shows that a responsible integrative approach can help you tolerate conventional treatment, and experience less fatigue and other effects of cancer and its treatments.

At Surya Health we don’t make thrilling claims about being able to cure cancer, but we do promise to source ethical, evidence based information to support you in the many difficult decisions cancer brings with it. Chandrika has been immersed in the literature around natural medicine, mind body medicine and integrative oncology since before her melanoma diagnosis. Having worked for the Cancer Council of WA as a yoga teacher, then as a patient educator, and more recently in her role as Director of Client Services at Cancer Support WA, Chandrika is a leading voice in this ever growing field.

Chandrika is able to communicate with other health care providers, including oncologists and haematologists, to ensure any natural approaches you use are not in conflict with your conventional treatments, and are wisely chosen to improve your wellbeing and quality of life.


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