Grace & Grit

I’m counting my blessings regularly as part of increasing my overall happiness through gratitude. It’s not just something nice to do, it’s actually proven to increase happiness, and while our temperament might be relatively stable, we have a little bit of control over the lens we see our lives through, so why not try to amplify the good we see and feel? One of the areas in my life that …

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Why I’m So Passionate About Mentoring Naturopaths

The Trouble with Naturopaths It’s a sickeningly regular occurrence lately to read articles about another baby damaged, or cancer patient mistreated, by an unregulated, irresponsible naturopath. All manner of natural therapies, therapists, healers and spruikers of wellness get bathed in the murky gloom of these stories. Recently the media has revisited the wellness warrior archetype in the form of Belle Gibson, creator of an uber successful health app, who turned …

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fruit and veg carbs

Do You Need a Detox?

It sounds like an appealing idea doesn’t it? In just 7, 14, or 21 days you can be rid of all those nasty toxins and have the glowing skin and vibrant energy you feel you could have. Many people are drawn to detox programs and products for health and weight loss. Some of the popular programs involve strict diets, juicing, special teas and herbal supplements. But is there any truth to …

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Defining Yoga Therapy

  Defining Yoga Therapy   Many people ask me, what’s the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist? Experienced yoga teachers are often exposed to people with differing needs in their classes, and they may point to their excellent ability to individualise within a group setting and say, ‘Isn’t any good yoga class also yoga therapy?’ Well it’s something of a long story so my initial response might …

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comfort v growth

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

I had a really interesting conversation yesterday with a well known business coach. While I’m not sure it’s a formal relationship I want or need, one thing really stood out. She called me out on my tendency to get comfortable and relax into that comfort to my own detriment. I was reflecting on that all evening and I have to admit it’s pretty spot on. It’s even true in my …

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